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Maintenance = People Readiness
by GEN Paul E. Funk II
  •Why do we need H2F?

Bringing Great-Power Competition to the Tactical Level: European Rotational Deployment Considerations for Company-Grade Armor Leaders
by MAJ Brigid Calhoun and CPT Alexander Boroff

A Picture is Worth 1,000 Words (or 3,110 Words)
by LTC Jim Armstrong

The ETHICAL Warrior
by Chaplain (MAJ) Jared Vineyard

Reconnaissance and Security Operations are Essential to Thwarting Russian Interests in the Western Hemisphere
by 1LT Anthony M. Analla

At the Forward Edge and Beyond: Lethality and the Armored Brigade Combat Team
by MAJ(P) James Burnett and MAJ Jeff Feser

Armored Brigade Combat Team Cavalry Squadron’s Combat Trains during Large-Scale Combat Operations: Balancing Maintenance, Recovery, Freedom of Maneuver
by MAJ Gary M. Klein and CPT Ragan T. Rutherford

Zone Reconnaissance – Why Don’t We Do It?
by MAJ Jeffrey W. Jennings

Reforge the Broken Saber: Evolving the Infantry Brigade Combat Team’s Cavalry Squadron to Win the Recon Fight Part II
by SGT Christopher Broman

Recon and Security in the Urban Fight
by CPT Kyle D. Woods

The Growing Vacuum of Today’s Live-Fire Ranges and their Future Requirements
by 1SG(R) Frank Belonus

The BMPT-72 and the Problem of Direct-Fire Support in Armored Formations
by 2LT E.R. Chesley

Volcano Minefield Planning at the Brigade Combat Team and Below
by CPT Gregory Shepard and CPT Doni Wong

Armored Warfare During the Spanish Civil War (1936-1939): The Experience Reconsidered
by COL(R) Anthony J. Candil

Mobility, Shock and Firepower for Light Armor-Infantry Operations: Past, Present and Future
by CPT S. Scott Diddams

Section Gunnery and Armored Brigade Combat Team Lethality
by CPT Zachary J. Matson

COVID-19 and Virtual Wargaming in ROTC: A Deadly Virus Resurrects Aged Tactical Training Method
by LTC Andrew P. Betson, 2LT Adam Messer, 2LT Tristan Boomer, 2LT Justin DiCarlo, 2LT Marshall Green

A Case for Covered Motorpool Parking
by CPT(P) David Blanton


Chief of Armor’s Hatch: Developing Leaders
by BG Kevin D. Admiral

Gunner’s Seat: Developing Leaders of Character
by CSM Tony T. Towns

Letters to the Editor: MAJ Thomas/CPT Sweeney, COL Goldin

In Memoriam: MG(R) Robert J. Sunell

From the Boresight Line: Correlating Proficiency and Lethality in the Stryker Brigade Combat Team
by SFC Zack D. Eckert

Book reviews: Soviet Cavalry Operations During the Second World War and the Genesis of the Operational Manoeuvre Group
reviewed by MAJ Timothy Heck

Battle Analysis: Covering Operations in the Loudon Valley, June 17-23, 1863: A Brief Assessment
by MAJ Christian Garner

Armor Branch Update: #GoArmor! The Annual Recruiting and Assessment of Officer Talent
by Alex Turkatte

Featured unit:
91st Cavalry Regiment

Tanks of the World:
Char LeClerc main battle tank

Armor and Cavalry Medal of Honor Heroes: Donaldson through Dougherty, Downey through Dunlavy

Legends of Armor: Franks, Chaffee