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ARMOR April-June 2015

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Doctrine: Our Professional Language and Observations from the Joint Readiness Training Center
by CPT Gary M. Klein

Troop-Leading Procedures in the Austere Environment
by CPT V. Paul Brancato

Objective Curly: One Leader’s Experience with the Operations Process
by CPT Lazaro Oliva Jr.

Building the Alliance: Multinational Integration in the Decisive-Action Training Environment
by LTC Esli T. Pitts

Information-Collection Failures that Lead to ‘Discovery Learning’
by CPT Raymond A. Kuderka and CPT Andrew Eickbush

The Future of Unmanned Systems in Cavalry Squadrons
by CPT Christopher M. Brandt (Starry Writing Competition 2014 finalist)

New System Preserves Armor Dominance of Future Battlefield: BMPT ‘Terminator-2’
by CPT Charles K. Bartles and Dr. Lester W. Grau

Maximize Training Time: Using Physical Training to Increase Tactical Training
by LTC Esli Pitts


Chief of Armor’s Hatch: Looking to the Future of Combat Vehicles
by BG Scott McKean

Gunner’s Seat: Noncommissioned Officer Expertise
by CSM Michael Clemens

From the Screen Line: A Suggested Career Progression for the Cavalry Soldier
by MAJ Levi Thompson and MSG Jacob Stockdill

Blackhorse Perspectives: Killer Troop Tests Anti-Armor Doctrine on National Training Center Battlefield
by 1LT Lawrence Collins

Battle Analysis: Surrounded Again – The Successful Defense of 37th Tank Battalion at Arracourt
by CPT Jerry V. Drew II

Armor Branch Update: Understanding the Army Selection-Board Process
by CPT Adam L. Taliaferro

Book review: General Jacob Devers: World War II’s Forgotten Four-Star
by John A. Adams; review by retired COL D.J. Judge

Featured unit: 67th Armor Regiment