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ARMOR March-June 2014

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Developing Mission Focus to Ensure Military Expertise and Esprit de Corps in Army of 2020
by CPT Gary M. Klein and 1LT Christopher P. Harrell

Ask the Right Questions, and You’ll Get a Better Answer: How Training in the Philosophy of Mission Command Will Enable Our Commanders to Get Staffs to Get It Right the First Time
by CPT Anthony M. Formica

Fostering a Culture of Mission Command
by CPT David E. Blanton

Elite Mechanized Formations in an Age of Expeditionary Operations
by 1LT Kier Elmonairy

Cavalry: the Mounted Arm of Maneuver
by MAJ Thomas A. Rebuck

Sustaining the Squadron: Sustainment Lessons-Learned at National Training Center
by CPT Matthew M. Randi II

Strike Now: Why the Armored Gun System Must Be Purchased in This Fiscal Climate
by CPT Josh T. Suthoff

Planning Assumptions: Are They Really Necessary and Valid?
by retired LTC George Hodge

Partnership at Troop Level is Essential Element in Joint Distributed Operations During Drawdown Transition from Counterinsurgency to Foreign International Defense
by MAJ Michael J. Kelly

Tagging, Tracking and Locating: Intelligence Gathering in Support of Army 2020
by LTC Eric Lowry

Global Positioning System and the Maneuver Soldier
by CPT Jerry V. Drew II



Commandant’s Hatch
by BG Lee Quintas, Commandant, U.S. Army Armor School

Gunner’s Seat
by CSM Timothy L. Metheny (guest columnist), commandant, Henry Caro Noncommissioned Officer Academy

From the Boresight Line: How Interactive Multimedia Instruction Can Work for You
by retired SFC James Ocheske

From the Screen Line: Cavalry Organization and Task Terminology
by MAJ Ryan T. Kranc

Battle Analysis: Operation Citadel (Kursk)
by CPT Claudio R. Innocenti

Saddles and Sabers: Napoleon Bonaparte’s Contributions to Modern Warfare
by MAJ Jon Chavous

What’s Your Next Move? (tactical decision exercise): “Battle at Narrow Bridge” (Tactical Vignette 14-01)
by LTC Scott O’Neal and CPT Jason Sanchez

Shoulder-sleeve Insignia: 64th Armor Regiment