Ranger Training

Everyone who has experienced combat knows the value of tough and realistic training. Because current tactics emphasize independent actions by small units, the demand has increased for Soldiers who are trained under rough conditions and accustomed to producing exemplary results under rigorous combat environment. The Ranger Department of the Infantry School provides us with this type soldier-energetic and aggressive volunteers who possess exceptional endurance and are skilled in fieldcraft, survival techniques, and special environment operations.

Ranger training is rough. It is a combat conditioning course which closely approximates, and often exceeds, conditions of actual warfare. Problems are physically and mentally tiring, requiring maximum effort with minimum rest. Assigned missions are normally accomplished during periods of hunger, fatigue and strain. The necessity for quick, sound decisions and the requirement for demonstrating calm, forceful leadership under these conditions make the success graduate a master craftsman of soldier's trade.

Through training such as this, a small unit leader is developed who is mentally and physically capable of sustained action in any type warfare and who will always have command of the situation regardless of time, place or circumstance. In addition, these are the men, the words of the Commandant of the Infantry School, “… upon whose skill and daring will depend the success or failure of land combat in the future. Decision, action, initiative, leadership; these are requirements that will be (theirs) on the battlefield where the independent action, night fighting, isolation, and extended frontages will be the rule rather than the exception.

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