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ARMOR October-December 2015

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Combined-Arms Gunnery: Restoring the Fundamentals
by LTG Michael S. Tucker

Mount, Saddle, Soldier: Overcoming a Decade of Concierge Maintenance
by LTC Jeffrey Paine and MAJ Lance Leonard

MLMC timeline

Forward-Support Company Employment in a Decisive-Action Environment
by LTC C.J. King Jr. and MAJ Chris Dempsey

Training to Win in a Complex and Uncertain World
by BG Joseph M. Martin, COL David S. Cannon and LTC Christopher W. Hartline

Unified Land Operations in the 2040 Timeframe – Autonomy-Enabled Platoon-Level Missions
by retired COL Michael N. Smith, retired COL R. Craig Effinger III and Dr. Paul D. Rogers

Mission Command on the Move
by MAJ Adam R. Brady, LTC Tommy L. Cardone and CPT Edwin C. den Harder

Mission-Command Culture: A Leader-Subordinate Contract
by LTC Chad R. Foster

Mission Command and Mental Block: Why the Army Won’t Adopt a True Mission-Command Philosophy
by MAJ Thomas A. Rebuck

Human-Performance Optimization: Social Considerations for Leadership and Team Cohesion
by Dr. Jessica Gallus and MAJ Robert L. Green

Strategic Studies Group

Building Effective Leaders in a Complex Era
by 1LT David G. Forney

Advanced Situational Awareness
by retired MAJ Vern L. Tubbs

The Headquarters and Headquarters Troop Commander as Brigade Combat Team Chief of Reconnaissance
by CPT Michael L. Hefti

Scouts In: Reimagining Reconnaissance
by CPT Eric Glocer

Bridging the Gap – Outfitting Standard Scout Platoons with M113A3s
by retired SFC David J. Neuzil

2016 General Donn A. Starry Writing Competition

The Army Reconnaissance Course
by MSG Jacob Stockdill

Experiences in International Competitions and Opportunities That Follow
by SFC Michael A. Deleon

Sullivan Cup 2016

U.S. Army Observes 75th Anniversary of Armored Force
Part 2 of 2

The Story of Armor Insignia

2015 Marks 2 Important Anniversaries

Chief of Armor’s Solicitation for Doctrinal Feedback

Draper Armor Leadership Award Winners Announced


Chief of Armor’s Hatch: Mastering Sustainment Operations
by BG Scott McKean

Gunner’s Seat: Make Maintenance Noncommissioned Officer Business Again
by CSM Alan Hummel

Armor Branch Update: A Look at the Officer Assignment Process
by MAJ Michael R. Berriman

Book reviews
by retired COL D.J. Judge, Dr. Lester W. Grau and Lisa Alley

Letter to editor

Featured Unit: 68th Armor Regiment