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ARMOR April-June 2016

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Battalion-Level Execution of Operations for Combined-Arms Maneuver and Wide-Area Security in a Decisive-Action Environment
by LTC Harry "Zan" Hornbuckle and MAJ James D. Pritchett with contributions by Dr. Thomas E. Ward

BCT Commander, How Do You Plan to Sustain a Partnered Multinational Formation?
by CPT Russell Dean

Sustainment Considerations
by CPT Jerad N. Hoffman and CPT James W. Turner

Optimized Brigade Combat Team Main Command Post: Survivable and Effective BCT CP Interim Solutions
by CPT Chase S. Baker and LTC Scott Nauman

Armor Basic Officer Leadership Course Redesign: Applying Adaptive Soldier/Leader Training and Education
by LTC Oscar Diano and retired LTC Kevin McEnery

Decision-Support Planning and Tools: Planning to Support Decision-Making
by CPT Gary M. Klein and CPT Alan P. Hastings

Intelligence Preparation of the Battlefield: Company Commanders Must Do Their Part
by LTC James W. Welch and CPT M. David Riley

Integration of Cognitive Training for Performance Optimization
by MAJ Thomas A. Whitehead, CPT Andrew J. Vogel and CPT Jared D. Wigton

Strength and Recovery: Reconditioning Our Army
by COL Charles Masaracchia, CSM Daniel T. Hendrex, CPT Jason Cirolia, SFC Charles Meecham and SPC Aura E. Sklenicka

What Am I Doing in Saudi Arabia?
by MAJ Lance Brender


Letter to editor

Chief of Armor's Hatch: Fire, Maneuver and Shock Effect!
by BG Scott McKean/CIG

Gunner's Seat: Gunner's Seat: Training Events; Change of Leadership
by CSM Alan Hummel

Saddles and Sabers: History of the U.S. Army Cavalry: 'Evolution, Adaptation, Innovation' 1938-2025
by retired COL Gary Whitehead and retired LTC Michael Whetstone

Book review: Storming the City
by Alec Wahlman; reviewed by retired COL D.J. Judge

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Featured unit: 69th Armor Regiment