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July 2015 - September 2015 Issue


Combatives: More Than “Just Pt”

Healthy Habits For Prospective Ranger Students

Toxic Leadership Affects Soldiers at all Levels

OE Conditions For Training: A Criterion For Meeting “Objective Task Evaluation” Requirements

Commandant's Note

Rising to the Challenge

Professional Forum

The Brigade DCO: A Critical Position within the Command Structure

Peak Performance in Combat

ATVs in the Light Infantry Fight

Company Coalitions: Multinational Partnerships at the Lowest Level

Ballot Recovery and Election Support in Zabul Province

Special Intelligence Targeting in Kandahar City, 2011-2012

Supporting Mission Command: Assisting the G3 in Synchronizing Information-Related Capabilities

Training Notes

Expectations of your MCCC: What Army Leaders Need to Know

The Essential Component of Testing: The Soldier

Operational or Garrison: Targeting is Targeting

Lessons Learned from an IBCT Weapons Company in Decisive Action at JRTC

Lessons From The Past

Thunder in the Argonne! SGT Alvin York and Mission Command

Infantry News

Armyu Experience to Maximize Educational Experience

ENVG III Allows Soldiers to Accurately Shoot from Hip

Infantry School Proposes Changes to EIB

Book Reviews

Team of Teams: New Rules of Engagement for a Complex World

The OSS in Burma: Jungle War against the Japanese